Coastal restoration at Sumner and Taylors Mistake                      Sumnenvironment_medium

Sumner Coastcare Project is a joint project between the local community and Christchurch City Council’s coastal parks team. Its aim is to restore and protect the coastal environment.

Both Sumner and Taylors Mistake beaches have suffered from dune degradation over the years, mainly due to the encroachment of land for development near the beach. For a time Sumner Beach had no dunes and sand from the beach blew onto the road. However the dunes are now being restored to create a more natural beach habitat and help protect the coast from erosion by trapping sand.

In its natural state sand dune area merge with other coastal habitats such as the streams that naturally occur at the end of both beaches, and with coastal forest elsewhere. It is difficult to tell how far inland the habitats associated coastal influences riparian margins would extend naturally, but ensuring there is some connectivity between these natural features is a good start. The restoration work underway will improve the naturalness of the coastal environment, create habitat for native species, improve cultural values such as mahinga kai, and potentially help improve coastal water quality, especially where streams are present.

Coastal plants 2Coastal plants 1

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