Massive planting day Saturday June 20th 1-4pm

This is the big one folks, we have heaps of plants thanks to Environment Canterbury – enough to fully complete stage 2 of the restoration project. After this one we’ll have 2/3 of the beach done (save a little bit of weeding!)

Please spread the word – all hands on deck from 1pm will get it done in time for 4pm BBQ thanks to the guys from CCC. See you there!

Community Planting Day flyer_20 June 2015

Pegasus Health staff help out

Pegasus Health help out with community projects around town and came down to give some TLC to the new Sumner Dunes restoration area.

30 plus staff made short work of it on a stunning day at the beach .. cheers guys!

_DSC2323Pegasus Health logo

The new native plants down there are growing really well and have already grown a bunch this season. Look out for the June plantouts when we’ll be completing the final stage of restoring natives to the beach!



Helping Hands rescue a ton a plants at Taylors

It was one of those jobs we almost didn’t get to .. until the Helping Hands group showed up to give us a hand!

Buried underneath lots a Marram Grass were hundreds of natives the CCC guys had planted some time back .. now rediscovered and given new lease of life. Many were looking a little sad but they’re now super happy to be seeing the light of day (literally!). They should enjoy the cooler autumn weather and moisture and put on some growth before the winter sets in. Cheers guys!


_DSC1470IMAG0897 IMAG0905 IMAG0906 IMAG0910 IMAG0912_BURST002_COVER IMAG0914 IMAG0917

Sumner Coastcare Project wins Weedbusters Award

Sumner Coastcare extends a big thanks to Environment Canterbury for being recognised in this year’s Weedbusters Awards. The project was winner of the 2014 Weedbusters Best Project on Public Land award.   This recognises the combined efforts of the many community volunteers who have helped transform Sumner beach, which not long ago was nearly all weeds!

Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect New Zealand’s environment from the increasing weed problem. Pest animals and plants (weeds) are the greatest threat to New Zealand’s biodiversity. People play a large part in spreading environmental weeds, often without knowing it, and Weedbusters aims to educate people and raise awareness to turn this problem around.

Checkout the Weedbsuters site here

Weedbouster logo


Taylors working bee

We scored a great day to launch into a new round of work at Taylors Mistake. After all the work at Sumner Beach it was good to get some maintenance in there just in time for summer.

Plenty more to be done at Taylors so look out for the next working bee!


Dune TLC Saturday 25th October

Sumner Coastcare_Working bee_25October

Back-dune planting August 10

The sun shone again for our final plant-out of the season and the back-dune area is now shaping up really well! Thanks to Trees for Canterbury who supplied a batch of Toetoe and Ti Kouka (Cabbage Trees) for the working bee. These are now in the ground ready for a burst of spring growth. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this season’s planting!_DSC9920

Next working bee – 10am – 12noon Sunday August 10th

Sunday August 10th – 10am- 12noon

To follow up our big plant-out we have some mulch to be spread around the new plantings to see them right for summer… plus… a few more Ti Kouka (cabbage trees) to get in the ground.

Come down for a 10am start – many hands make light work!

All tools etc provided so just turn up .. all welcome of course!

See you there 🙂

More pictures

A few more pics from our recent plant out. Awesome!

Thanks guys!

It was an awesome turnout and awesome day for the big plant out last Sunday! A big thanks to all who came along. All up there’s around 600 new plants in the ground and the new restoration area is now well underway and looking great. If you haven’t been down to the beach lately get down there and check it out!

Next up there will be a 2 hour Sunday morning working bee in about a month’s time to spread mulch around the new plants in the back-dune. This will set them up for getting established over spring and summer. Keep an eye out for an update on when this will be and come down if you can make it. See you then!



Community planting day 29 June – Sumner Dunes

Major plant-out for the season coming up Sunday 29 June — see you there!Flyer_29June Plantout

Great day for Sumner school plant-out

On Thursday 5th June, children from two classes at Sumner School enjoyed a lovely afternoon on the Sumner Dunes. They helped Jason Roberts, Head Ranger for the Christchurch City Council, plant natives such as Pingao, Cassinia and Spinifex. The plants will help build and strengthen the dunes and in doing so protect the village against possible flooding in the event of a big sea storm.

On Sunday 29th June from 10am – 12noon there will be another planting session at the dunes followed by free BBQ – with lots more plants to go in the ground. This will be the biggest plant out of the year for the Sumner Coastcare Project so come along and lend a hand!

IMG_5088 IMG_5080 IMG_5066 IMG_5049

2014 Dune planting season coming up!

CCC has been busy preparing the next part of Sumner beach for restoration. We have a heap of fore-dune plants to put in this year which will extend the restored area quite a bit. There’s also some shrubs to go into the back-dune area which will also be improved to create better accessways and picnic areas behind the dunes. Look out for planting days and working bees coming up – including –

– Thursday 5th June  – kids planting day with 2 classes from Sumner School

– Sunday 29th June – Public Planting day 10am-12noon with free BBQ thanks to CCC. This will be the major plantout event for the season so come along!


Sea Week Beach Cleanup goes off

The rescheduled Beach Cleanup event for Sea Week got a great day this time round! Kids from Sumner and Star of the Sea Schools raced around Sumner Beach enjoying an educational treasure hunt. They learnt that dolphins eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish, Albatross feed plastic to their chicks thinking it’s food, sand hoppers clean our beach and spinifex drifts across the beach to find a new home…  Jason Roberts from Christchurch City Council gave the kids an insight into how stoat traps work and how loud they are when they go off!  After a sausage sizzle the kids worked hard to tidy the beach of rubbish. All round it was a great afternoon at the beach.A special thank you to Mia Wright and Amelia Sykes for their help with ideas and information for the treasure hunt. Photos by Colette Doughty  Image


Telecom group help out at Taylors

A big thanks to the group from Telecom who joined the CCC crew recently for some heavy work at Taylor Mistakes. The weather was perfect for a full day of releasing natives and mulching in the area behind the beach. This is part of the ongoing work to restore coastal forest in the area. A big thanks to Leigh and the Telecom team!



2014 restoration work underway

The first working bee for 2014 got off to a great start with a solid round of releasing completed.  Thanks to the local crew assisted by a team from Fulton Hogan. Standby for details of the next working bee coming soon. Main tasks will be_DSC6200

– transplanting some Hebe and Rengarenga lily plants to a new location, and

– spreading mulch around the existing  natives in the back dune (now getting more light!)


Dunes Trust conference in Taranaki this March

Registrations open now for the 2014 Dunes Trust conference in Taranaki. More details below


Or download hard copy registration form here

For more info and downloadable registration forms visit

The conference is a great opportunity to connect, engage and be inspired for a wide range of groups & organisations involved in dunes restoration.

Presentations, field trips, case studies, workshops, local background

3 days

Corporate/professional standard: $280
Corporate/professional members: $230
Community/students: $75

1 day
Standard/members: $95
Community/student: $50

Dinner:  Wed 12th March: $45

Immediately preceding WOMAD festival – make it a double!  WOMAD camping available here

For further information contact the Local Conference Coordinator:

Helen Meintjes, Environment Team Leader

Taranaki Regional Council
Phone: 06 765 7127
Fax: 06 765 5097

Registrations & Sponsors Information:
Hilary Campbell  021 251 205

Dunes Trust Conference 2014

Habitat Sumner Project – Results out now!

Habitat Sumner is community research project which investigated needs and opportunities for the recovery of Sumner’s natural environment following the 2011 earthquakes. Some of these needs directly relate to earthquake damage and others involve previously degraded areas which may be able to be improved alongside earthquake repairs.
The result is a case study on the Sumner area which may be useful to local people and organisations involved in projects such as environmental restoration, and improving opportunities for recreation, local food production, and mahinga kai. The study approaches these topics from the perspective of the ‘habitat’ of Sumner; with a focus on important attributes of the local environment, and how these can be restored and managed in an integrated way to achieve the best outcomes for the community.
The main topics covered were

Bioregional mapping* recovery and restoration of the coastal area, waterways and riparian areas;
* recovery of local walking and bike tracks;
* opportunities for improving local food production and mahinga kai;
* long term recovery and uses for public red zoned areas; and
* how all of these might be integrated to produce the best results for recovery of the natural environment

Results are now available!

Visit the website which has a page for each topic providing a summary of the main results and links to more detailed research reports. All information compiled by the project will remain available to be used by anyone on the Sumner community through the Habitat Sumner website and through links on local community websites.