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Summer pics


Carex pumila in flower

Carex pumila_Sumner

New restoration area TLC

Checkout progress on the new area down near the surf club – last winter’s plantings are looking great and only one patch of lupin came through in the spring flush (now removed!).

Just one patch of lupin seems to remain in last year’s restored area – only about 2 hours to remove (cheers guys!)

The pingao down at this end is still going great guns 🙂

June planting day

It was a misty day for this year’s plant out in the stage 3 area near the surf club. Then the sun came out for the bbq .. perfect!

Summer working bee pics

A few pics from our recent lupin bash – thanks guys! It was surprising to see how few there were really (compared to this time last year!)

Environment Group update

Here’s a wrap on activities that enhanced the Sumner environment over this past winter… follow the link here.

Tau ke!



Planting day success!

Sun was shining this time!


Dunes Planting Day Saturday September 17


July working bee pics

Site prep done … come on down for the Planting Day Saturday August 27!


Sumner Dunes working bee 24 July

Hi guys,

The July working bee is coming up — this Sunday July 24 at Sumner Dunes.

10am start, see you there!

Dune working bee_Sunday 24July 10am

Backdune maintenance needed this winter

We’ve had two recent working bees to keep weeds under control in the back-dune areas while coastal forest plantings are getting established. Lookout for more work bee dates coming up – many hands make light work! These are especially important now that there’s plenty of moisture around and lupin seedlings are sprouting up. These won’t be a problem in the long run once the natives are established but for now they need to be kept in check before they get too big! Lupins grow much faster than the natives and can easily take over – but are easy to pull out when they’re small.

Thanks to the team who have been on the case so far … drop us an email to to get news of the next working bees or keep an eye on the facebook page


Tree planting at South Brighton

Lend a hand at one of our neighbouring coastal reserves this coming weekend … see the flyer for details

South Brighton Tree Planting Day

New restoration area

Checkout this pic of the newly restored area thanks to last winter’s big plantout effort. Spinifex is taking off!


Dune TLC

The backdune restoration area got some TLC recently thanks to an enthusiastic team of 20+ who came along The native plants from last year’s backdune plantings are doing well but not quite as well as the lupins which are coming back strong! There will be several follow up working bees over the winter to keep them under control while the native plants get established.

7 November Conservation Week event


As part of Conservation Week we are having our annual working bee at Sumner Dunes in preparation for the summer. Come and be a part of this great community event to keep our coast healthy and happy!

When: Saturday 7th November at 11am – 1pm
Where: Sumner dunes – meet on the beach outside the Surf Club
What: Mulching all the new plants which have been growing well over the winter. This mainly involves lots of buckets and a few wheelbarrows to move mulch from a central spot.
Bring: The CCC guys will have most of the gear we need but if you have a spare bucket bring it down. The mulch will be coming by trailer and we just have to shift it from there 🙂

Many hands make light work so see you there.

PS .. there’s some mention of free icecreams!


New plants in at Taylors

With help from Taylor Mistake Bach Owners Assoc coastal restoration at the southern end of Taylors is getting underway. We recently put some new plants in ground just in time for spring growth and will soon be working a stream restoration plan for the backdune creek.

Later in the summer we’ll be running a mulching session to look after these new plants and the many other plants we released in the Taylors backdunes earlier in the year. Look out for that!

Taylors planting3_Sept2015Taylors planting1_Sept2015

Jason Roberts: local hero

This article was originally posted on the Dunes Trust website on 14 May 2015 in the News category.

Christchurch’s recent beach erosion was reduced due to 20 years of dune restoration planting by Coastal Ranger, Jason Roberts.

The earthquakes may have passed but coastal erosion is still with us in Christchurch. If you go down to the beach today, after the recent spectacular stormy seas, you’ll see some significant dune erosion in places such as at Spencer Park beach, and some fully vegetated and stable dunes in others, such as the pictured South Brighton beach. Same day, different management input.

The first line of defence, and the cheapest insurance policy, against such storms is having healthy functioning and managed sand dune systems in place. The stable dunes pictured at South New Brighton, have a full face of sand binding Spinifex in place, trapping sand and being a natural buffer.

Without our history of 20 years of persistent Dune Restoration plantings by the community and facilitated by committed CCC coastal park rangers such as Jason Roberts, we could well see all our dunes looking like those also still found today just north of Spencer Park, with the 4-5m cut scarp.Keep up the great work, Jason!

Dunes Trust news

Last Saturday Sumner beach was buzzing with community activity as local volunteers (70) worked with regional parks coastal rangers to undertake the annual winter sand dune planting programme. ‘Coast Care’ ranger Jason Roberts has worked closely with the Sumner Environment group and others for several years to facilitate regular beach work days, which have included tasks such as walkway construction, weed removal and restoration plantings.

Not only will the 2000 new plants help stabilise the dunes, reducing sand blow nuisance, and reinstate native species to our coast, but they will also build a basic buffer dune to protect the adjacent Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club and future Coastal Pathway route. The club facility, presently being rebuilt, (cf. scaffolding in photo background), will combine a new set of public toilets and landscaping, funded by CCC Parks Unit, to enhance the whole beach area, improve visitor experience and help build pride for the local community.

If you want to be involved in any future Sumner Environment Group events, get in touch with click here

Plants are in!

Smashed it! It was a great turn-out and we made short work of our Big 2015 plant-out before getting started on the BBQ. Thanks guys! Thanks also to Environment Canterbury for supplying the plants and CCC for the BBQ!

All up there’s around 2000 new plants in the ground including lots of back-dune natives that will help restore a coastal forest and bring birds back to area.

We’ve now got 2/3 of the beach done (save a little TLC as we go) … !


Native plants back at Sumner!

_DSC5066Thanks to everyone who came down on Saturday to get the site prepared for the big plant-out on Saturday the 20th. We’ve staked out all the fragile plants already in the ground so they are easy to see.

The site’s looking great & we’ve got HEAPS of plants to get in this year thanks to Environment Canterbury. Come on down to help  Saturday 20th 1-4pm BBQ from 4pm!

Staking out fragile plantscoastal forest re-establishing at Clifton Beach

Massive planting day Saturday June 20th 1-4pm

This is the big one folks, we have heaps of plants thanks to Environment Canterbury – enough to fully complete stage 2 of the restoration project. After this one we’ll have 2/3 of the beach done (save a little bit of weeding!)

Please spread the word – all hands on deck from 1pm will get it done in time for 4pm BBQ thanks to the guys from CCC. See you there!

Community Planting Day flyer_20 June 2015

Pegasus Health staff help out

Pegasus Health help out with community projects around town and came down to give some TLC to the new Sumner Dunes restoration area.

30 plus staff made short work of it on a stunning day at the beach .. cheers guys!

_DSC2323Pegasus Health logo

The new native plants down there are growing really well and have already grown a bunch this season. Look out for the June plantouts when we’ll be completing the final stage of restoring natives to the beach!



Helping Hands rescue a ton a plants at Taylors

It was one of those jobs we almost didn’t get to .. until the Helping Hands group showed up to give us a hand!

Buried underneath lots a Marram Grass were hundreds of natives the CCC guys had planted some time back .. now rediscovered and given new lease of life. Many were looking a little sad but they’re now super happy to be seeing the light of day (literally!). They should enjoy the cooler autumn weather and moisture and put on some growth before the winter sets in. Cheers guys!


_DSC1470IMAG0897 IMAG0905 IMAG0906 IMAG0910 IMAG0912_BURST002_COVER IMAG0914 IMAG0917

Sumner Coastcare Project wins Weedbusters Award

Sumner Coastcare extends a big thanks to Environment Canterbury for being recognised in this year’s Weedbusters Awards. The project was winner of the 2014 Weedbusters Best Project on Public Land award.   This recognises the combined efforts of the many community volunteers who have helped transform Sumner beach, which not long ago was nearly all weeds!

Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect New Zealand’s environment from the increasing weed problem. Pest animals and plants (weeds) are the greatest threat to New Zealand’s biodiversity. People play a large part in spreading environmental weeds, often without knowing it, and Weedbusters aims to educate people and raise awareness to turn this problem around.

Checkout the Weedbsuters site here

Weedbouster logo