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Environment Group update

Here’s a wrap on activities that enhanced the Sumner environment over this past winter… follow the link here.

Tau ke!



Backdune maintenance needed this winter

We’ve had two recent working bees to keep weeds under control in the back-dune areas while coastal forest plantings are getting established. Lookout for more work bee dates coming up – many hands make light work! These are especially important now that there’s plenty of moisture around and lupin seedlings are sprouting up. These won’t be a problem in the long run once the natives are established but for now they need to be kept in check before they get too big! Lupins grow much faster than the natives and can easily take over – but are easy to pull out when they’re small.

Thanks to the team who have been on the case so far … drop us an email to to get news of the next working bees or keep an eye on the facebook page


New restoration area

Checkout this pic of the newly restored area thanks to last winter’s big plantout effort. Spinifex is taking off!


New plants in at Taylors

With help from Taylor Mistake Bach Owners Assoc coastal restoration at the southern end of Taylors is getting underway. We recently put some new plants in ground just in time for spring growth and will soon be working a stream restoration plan for the backdune creek.

Later in the summer we’ll be running a mulching session to look after these new plants and the many other plants we released in the Taylors backdunes earlier in the year. Look out for that!

Taylors planting3_Sept2015Taylors planting1_Sept2015

New restoration area looking good

After 2 working bees the new restoration area is now fully planted out with Spinifex and Pingao in the foredune area, and a variety of native shrubs among the lupins. CCC will soon finish the post and rope barrier to complete work in this area for the time being. Over time the lupins in the back dune area will be gradually removed once the natives become established. Work will start on the next restoration area early in 2014 in preparation for more fore-dune planting during the winter months.Image

Mulching at Taylors

_DSC1431lrezThe restored area next to Taylors Mistake carpark is growing up nicely and recently received some releasing and mulching around the smaller shrubs. This area is becoming well established and should have no problems self-maintaining against the long grass in the future.