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Habitat Sumner Project – Results out now!

Habitat Sumner is community research project which investigated needs and opportunities for the recovery of Sumner’s natural environment following the 2011 earthquakes. Some of these needs directly relate to earthquake damage and others involve previously degraded areas which may be able to be improved alongside earthquake repairs.
The result is a case study on the Sumner area which may be useful to local people and organisations involved in projects such as environmental restoration, and improving opportunities for recreation, local food production, and mahinga kai. The study approaches these topics from the perspective of the ‘habitat’ of Sumner; with a focus on important attributes of the local environment, and how these can be restored and managed in an integrated way to achieve the best outcomes for the community.
The main topics covered were

Bioregional mapping* recovery and restoration of the coastal area, waterways and riparian areas;
* recovery of local walking and bike tracks;
* opportunities for improving local food production and mahinga kai;
* long term recovery and uses for public red zoned areas; and
* how all of these might be integrated to produce the best results for recovery of the natural environment

Results are now available!

Visit the website which has a page for each topic providing a summary of the main results and links to more detailed research reports. All information compiled by the project will remain available to be used by anyone on the Sumner community through the Habitat Sumner website and through links on local community websites.