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New plants in at Taylors

With help from Taylor Mistake Bach Owners Assoc coastal restoration at the southern end of Taylors is getting underway. We recently put some new plants in ground just in time for spring growth and will soon be working a stream restoration plan for the backdune creek.

Later in the summer we’ll be running a mulching session to look after these new plants and the many other plants we released in the Taylors backdunes earlier in the year. Look out for that!

Taylors planting3_Sept2015Taylors planting1_Sept2015

Mulching at Taylors

_DSC1431lrezThe restored area next to Taylors Mistake carpark is growing up nicely and recently received some releasing and mulching around the smaller shrubs. This area is becoming well established and should have no problems self-maintaining against the long grass in the future.

Taylors storm event

_DSC1422lrez _DSC1423lrezYou may have noticed the beach erosion at Taylors during September. This is a typical example of what the sea will do! In the natural cycle the dune area will repair themselves by reinvading the scoured out areas and trapping more sand, which helps build up a new fore-dune.

The native sand binders are now well established at Taylors so it will be interesting to see how effective they are at reversing this storm damage.